Joy O. Ude
But You Don't Sound BlackBut You Don't Sound Black (back detail)But You Don't Sound Black (surface detail)But You Don't Sound Black (handle detail)Crack Teeth/Gap TeethCrack Teeth/Gap Teeth (interior detail)Oh, You Know...The Colored GirlOh, You Know...The Colored Girl (lid detail)Oh, You Know...The Colored Girl (interior detail)What Is Kwanzaa??What Is Kwanzaa??What Is Kwanzaa?? (interior detail)
Bag Lady Collection
The Bag Lady Collection is informed by personal life experiences, ranging from childhood to early adulthood. I drew upon the idea of compartmentalization as a means to address how others categorized me in past interactions. All of the pieces in the Bag Lady Collection are based on incidences in which my race or cultural background were commented upon or called into question. Such events include biases in the work environment and racial labels.

Photography by John Jenkins and Laura Waugh